Based in Eastern Washington, I am a PNW wedding, elopement, and destination photographer for the wildly in love. Traveling is my jam, gorgeous elopements in the middle of nowhere are my jam, and I have a weird thing for airports (they are my jam.) If you're looking for more information about who I am, and how I work, chances are you've connected with me or my work on some level, and you may have already chosen me to tell the story of one of the most epic days of your life. Let's check the availability of your date, and then let's celebrate your engagement and start my third wheeling with a glass of wine, or cup of coffee and get to know each other while we go over the details of your day.


I'm a single mama to a spunky blonde blue eyed three-year-old with a heart bigger than her body. Zoey is the greatest part of me, and my very favorite part of this big beautiful world. Think wisely before you ask to see photos, and remember if you risk it for the biscuit that I'm a photographer and I truly can not help myself.

Zoey and I own a home in Washington state, where we live with our well-loved German Shepherd, Atticus.

I'm a romantic, health nut, organization nut, music nut, general nut. I'm awkwardly funny (i.e, I think I'm funny, and best case scenario you find that charming), and fiercely loyal. I'm wildly driven and constantly motivated, and love to be busy. I love to travel, which is why adventurous elopements and destination weddings are my jam.